3D movement recognition phone

The SCH-S310 uses 3Dmotion detection as its user interface. Tracing a number in the airwill dial the number on the phone. Shaking the phone twice will hang upa call. The phone is also an mp3 player, and the motion detection willwork those functions too - moving the phone sharply to the right orleft will take you to the next or previous music track. Since it'sbeing released in Korea, the phone will have a 1.3 mp camera, mobilebanking features, GPS, and music-on-demand.

The next versions ofthe 3D motion phone will have even more advanced features such as gamescontrolled by movement of the phone instead of a joystick, andautomatic adjustment of photos taken with a shaky hand.

Source: Added: 30 June 2006

Tags: telecom