Mosquito repellent clothing

Arnywear is unique because it is powered by a patented technological advance known as ifabric# technology. When rubbed Arnywear releases a fresh smelling and long lasting natural insect repelling vapour, that is safe for all the family.

During normal use, Arnywearremains active, creating a comforting, long-lasting, protective "no-bite-zone" (of about 50cm) around you, providing up to 3 hours ofcontinuous protection from biting insects. Arnywear can be kept active by your body movement or reactivated by rubbing whenever required.

Arnywearbranded products have been clinically tested and proven by the LondonSchool of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to provide continuousprotection against mosquitoes, midges, stable flies, ticks and otherunwelcome insects.

Source: 28 September 2006