Christopher's project, 'MediDome', redesigns the needle and syringe. Itaims to eliminate needlestick injuries and the fear of needles andinjections, simplify the process and speed up patient treatment. Theproduct's aesthetics show a softer, friendlier and less threateningform, and MediDome has a unique tester to ensure that a vein has notbeen ruptured during intramuscular or subcutaneous injection. A sterilecover is removed to expose adhesive wings that stick the MediDome tothe required area for injection. The person administering the injectionremoves the blister cap and presses down on the top of MediDome until alittle resistance is felt. A bubble on one of the wings is checked forblood - if it fills up the injection is halted. If all is well, theythen give a small firm press until a click is heard, then softlycompress and hold the dome. On release, MediDome returns to itsoriginal shape (but cannot be compressed again), is removed from thearm and disposed of for incineration.

Source: medgadget.comAdded: 17 June 2008