LED spa

Health and fitness spas have now ushered in the use of LEDs as aneffective spa capsule tool. The Med Spa Clinic at Tunbridge Wells marksthe world's first usage of LEDs in a whole body spa capsule. TheOxy-LED Light Spa Capsule will give you a comprehensive body treatmentto mainly help you lose weight. For this, you will be subjected to LEDlight of wavelengths ranging from 625 to 980 nm that will cause intensephysical stimulation. The Oxy-LED treatment can be combined withtraditional spa treatments like dry thermal heat and vibratorymassages. This combination of treatments will make sure you loseweight. The Spa also offers the body contouring and Emotional Lifttherapies using the Oxy-LED Light Spa Capsule. However, all thesetreatments don't come too cheap. You will have to shell out anywherebetween £35 to £100 for these treatments that last anywhere betweenthirty to a hundred minutes.

Source: bornrich.orgAdded: 19 June 2008