Wireless Flash Triggering

If you're shooting in a studio or somewhere with a large external flash, it's pretty much a given that a wireless triggering system will make your life a whole lot easier. At work we use a PocketWizard setup which consists of a large transmitter attached to the hot shoe of our camera, and a receiver connected to the flash itself. It works great, but the transmitter and receiver will run you about $400, which isn't so great if you're just a hobbyist. However, the CyberSync from a company called AlienBees promises to provide the exact same wireless functionality, but in a smaller package and with a price tag of about $130.

Like with the PocketWizard, the CyberSync has a dedicated transmitter which connects to the hot shoe on your camera, as well as a wireless receiver for the flash. You have your choice of sixteen different frequencies within the 2.4GHz band so you can avoid interference from other photographers, and the system has a usable range of up to 400 feet, barring any obstructions like walls etc. I also like the fact that the CyberSync transmitter uses a single cell battery instead of 2 AAs like the PocketWizard, which tends to make the camera I use a bit top heavy when it's attached.

Source: ohgizmo.comAdded: 20 June 2008

Tags: electronics