RFID Crystagram label

Toppan Printing Co., Ltd., Hitachi, Ltd., and Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. have announced that they have jointly developed the world’s first "RFID Crystagram" label, which combines a hologram with a contactless IC chip. Toppan Printing has commercialized the RFID Crystagram

By affixing the RFID Crystagram to brand goods and various other products, a visual counterfeiting check is possible with the Crystagram and it is also possible to trace products through production and distribution using the µ-Chip. This means that prevention of counterfeiting and illegal distribution as well as effective management and traceability are possible with just a single RFID Crystagram. The use of de-metallization, whereby the Crystagram can be processed into a detailed form, enables the design of the RFID Crystagram to be freely devised. Additional components such as an antenna are not required since the Crystagram’s aluminum deposition section acts as the µ-Chip’s receiving antenna for radio waves. Therefore, the RFID Crystagram has extremely high design quality and can be used to enhance a product’s image.

Source: toppan.co.jpAdded: 25 June 2008