Pommery Pop America Champagne

Independence Day extravaganzas, election hoopla and Olympic action''tis the season for Americana and celebration. Joining designers from Milan to Middle America who are touting the red, white and blue as the aesthetic of the moment on and off the runway, Pommery's Pop America Champagne in pint-size packaging makes for a perfect pour and party favor.

Designed with stars streaming across a blue background and red and white stripes leading up to the silver bottleneck, the bottle design (as well as the more candy-apple sweet, less traditional brut taste) is an all-American concept through and through. While it may seem quixotic to appeal to American sentiment, long before the Statue of Liberty, Americans drank the French beverage of celebration. Reportedly, George Washington ordered six baskets of champagne for import during his presidency.

Source: coolhunting.comAdded: 6 August 2008