A column accommodates a complete kitchen in 360° of Cooking

Doing up your kitchen area couldn't have been easier with revolutionary concepts ingeniously designed to save space as well as render optimum utility. These days, designers are focusing on the most vital element that is space shortage. With our dens cramming up from all four corners, its time we chucked out the concept of reserving a room for cooking. Rather bring in a kitchen like the "360° of cooking". Conceptualized by duo German designers, Grotheer Sven and Alex Schulz, this is the most compact and disguised form of kitchen. When not in use, this column like structure stands tall without fussing. And for cooking times, simply open up a range of segments to work on. Each segment can rotate about 360° and some of them open additional up to180°.

Since this kinda design can be permanent or temporary, the supply line is a culvert for long-term usage or a supernal tube for makeshift purpose. Though no much is divulged about the other functional options, it is said that the outer skin is plastic that can be opted in various colors and styles. It's supposed to be a completely customized concept.

Source: bornrich.orgAdded: 11 August 2008