Argus thermal imaging camera

Argus is an advanced, user-friendly, robustthermal imaging camera designed primarily to assist the vision of firefightersin smoke and darkness. It has many further applications where temperaturesrequire monitoring, such as preventative maintenance and condition monitoringof equipment. It also provides vision where light is unavailable. The thermalimage can be viewed in greyscale and 7 additional colourised settings.

Argus uses Barium Strontium Titanate (BST) orAmorphous Silicon (ASi) infrared detector technology. Argus is a stand-alone,fully automatic camera within an ergonomically designed case. An infraredremote control and PC software are provided, allowing end users to configure thecamera to their specific needs; no other control or adjustment equipment isrequired.


Source: e2v.comAdded: 10 July 2006