Fridge Without Electricity

The new cooling technology is based on a model create by Einstein with78 years ago. The refrigerator that works without electricity useammonia, water and butane in place of Freon.

Theenvironment-friendly cooling technology uses ammonia, butane and waterinstead of Freon, substance so harmful to the environment, andconstitutes an important step in combating climate change, writes theBritish daily The Guardian. "

The Oxford University engineershave announced that they have completed a prototype of a refrigeratorinvented by Einstein and his colleague, the physicist Leó Szilárd. Ithas no mobile parts and uses only gases under pressure for the processof cooling food.

According to Oxfordengineers, the technology is follow the working principle according towhich the liquids concoct to lower temperatures when air pressurearound them is less.

"If you get on the top of the mountainEverest, you'll find that the water will boil at a temperature muchlower than when the process takes place at the sea level. And that'sbecause the air pressure is much lower in high heights," explains theengineer Malcolm McCulloch .

Source: eco-trees.blogspot.comAdded: 9 October 2008