Solar Sail Yacht

Magnificent, majestic, royal, breathtaking, and graceful are the words that describe best the real meaning of luxury yachts. But most of the superyachts owned by the uber-rich aren’t considered eco friendly. Here is great news for all the seekers of luxury yachts who don’t want to be impolite to Mother Nature. Sydney-based technology company Solar Sailor is currently working on a "solar sail" that might act as both a sail and a solar power source to all sorts of large vessels. Considering the fact that these superyachts come loaded with lavish on-board amenities, including aircraft hangars, movie theaters, Jacuzzis, and swimming pools, all these things gulp a tremendous amount of energy.

Solar sails are large solar paneled wings which can exploit sun or wind power. These solar sails could be fixed to superyachts to reduce their fuel consumption efficiently. Dane believes that the sail could make for 5 percent savings in fuel consumption from the solar power and 20 to 40 percent from wind power when the vessel is taming the waters at 18 knots.

Source: bornrich.orgAdded: 12 November 2008