Doidy cups

The U.K.'s Doidy cups are meant to teach your child to drink from a rimand wean him/her from the bottle as early as 4 months (and with mom'shelp, they claim, newborns can drink from this). The Doidy isdesigned as a cup on a slant which prevents spills and allows drinkingwithout having to tilt the head backwards or forwards. Also, the designhelps with putting the cup down easily, which is always hard for littleones. The cups are spill-proof. The slant designsupposedly allows for sucking action that's more similar to the suckingbabies do when feeding on the breast or via bottle. Healthwise, theDoidy helps prevent delayed weaning and various problems caused byprolonged use of spouted cups.

Source: babygadget.netAdded: 21 August 2006

Tags: childcare