WindowSOX are a new effective product for providing shade and insect protection when placed on the rear windows of your vehicle. WindowSOX are made of a durable fine mesh, custom made to fit snugly and easily over the rear passenger door-window frames of vehicles. This allows your windows to be opened or closed for shade, fresh air flow and insect protection whether driving or parked. WindowSOX were developed in Perth, Australia, the sunniest city in one of the sunniest countries in the world. WindowSOX are a novel solution to the problem of providing shade for rear seat passengers in cars. WindowSOX® fit over the door frame of your vehicle. This approach ensures the whole window is protected and also enables the window to be opened for ventilation without affecting the shade provided. Furthermore the fine mesh of Window SOX acts as a fly screen to help prevent , insects entering your car when the window is open. Great if you need ventilation on the move or for attended parked vehicles.

Source: 10 December 2008