MicroFiber miracle cleaning cloths

Several combined breakthroughs create the fantastic cleaning power of MicroFiber Products.

Micro fibers are synthetic filaments that are interwoven, 80% Polyester and 20% Polyamide, and put through a special process where each filament is split into 16 sections with 16 interval spaces. During the process the polyester turns into wedge-shaped sections surrounding the filament nylon core.

The ultra fine fibers get down into surface cervices not visible to the nacked eye. This allows the cloth to deep clean every surface better than ever before possible.

The second secret of the micro fiber collection system is static electricity. The process is like rubbing a balloon on your clothing and then using the static charge to make your hair stand.

The increased surface area of the MicroFiber Cloth allows it to absorb about 7 times its weight in liquid. Fantastic for cleaning up drips and spills.

Source: touchlesstrashcan.comAdded: 24 August 2006