Inflatable window

The inflatable window is a secondary glazing system that uses an inflatable rubber tube to seal into the window reveal to provide better insulation for the windows. The Australian Building Codes Board has published data showing that 87% of heat loss and 48% of heat gain is through the 8% of windows in the average building . The inflatable system is proven to offer up to 50% improvement on insulation resulting in a 68% improvement on the energy use for heating and cooling.

The inflatable window is the work of student designer Michael Palin of the University of Western Sydney, and is one of the shortlisted projects in the 2009 Australian Design Awards, specifically, in the James Dyson Award for students.

The rubber tubing provides a 100% air tight seal without damaging the building in any way. The inflatable window gives a 60-70mm air gap providing the window with good levels of thermal and acoustic insulation. The thermal testing has proven the inflatable window gives up to a 68% improvement on the cooling load of a home.

Source: gizmag.comAdded: 3 February 2009