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Remote controlled car that can drive up walls

Vertical Racer RC car

Remote controlled cars are great until you hit a wall, until now thatis. So can the vertical racer really drive you up the wall?

The Vertical Racer is a lightweight 1:42 scale of a full sizedsports car, which comes in blue, black or red, and features workingheadlights, rearlights and measures 11.5 x 5.5 x 3cm.

It isn't your average racing car as once you've got it out of thepackaging you soon realise it can go up walls thanks to a big noisy fanon the back that creates a vortex that sticks it to any flat verticalsurface so you can drive it around unfettered by furniture.

Power comes from plugging the car into the remote control and,although fiddly, means that the car can be a lot lighter than it wouldotherwise be. A quick flick of the equally fiddly switch on the back means youcan go from the wall to the floor.

Source: pocket-lint.co.ukAdded: 5 March 2009