Fractional supercar ownership

Offering "intelligent supercar ownership" écurie25 is a club that gives members the right to drive fine automobiles for 30-40 days per year. Like NetJets does for privatejets, écurie25 takes care of the costs and trouble associated withoutright ownership; members don't have to worry about depreciation,insurance and servicing. Customers can buy either 300 (GBP 4.500) or 600 (GBP 7.950) pointsper year, which they can trade in for their choice of cars. The'supercars' are divided into three categories: F1, F2 and F3. F2 carsinclude the Porsche Boxster S and the TVR Sagaris. Taking one of theseout for a spin on a weekday in October costs 8 points. A three-dayweekend in August goes for 85 points. F1 cars include the Aston MartinVantage and DB9, Bentley Continental and Ferrari F430 Spider. And forthe acceleration of a lifetime, the most inexpensive F3 class includesBritish-built speed demon Ariel Atom. As described in James Twitchell's Living It Up,people aren't shopping for goods as much as they are for an identity.So it makes complete sense that some consumers are trading ownershipfor partial ownership, and the greater freedom and choice that itbrings.

Source: 25 August 2006