Synthetic gecko material

British engineering firm BAE Systems has developed a material that closely mimics the feet of a gecko lizard. The gecko's footis covered with hairs so small that they merge with molecules of thingsthat they touch. This incredibly strong bond can also be easily peeledoff.BAE Systems believes its "Synthetic Gecko" material is the closestyet to the natural version and would also be cheap to produce. A squaremetre is capable of holding an average family car off the ground.BAE havedemonstrated they can do multiple attachments with this material - youcan stick it down once and stick it down again. Having a Spider-Manglove is a long way down the road, but in principle, you might havesomething like that.In addition to the climbing suits, the firm said it would bepossible to use the material to make climbing and crawler robots forinspecting and repairing planes and structures.

Source: baesystems.comAdded: 25 August 2006