Table tennis bat technology

Three years of research and development in collaboration with Michelinengineers were necessary to design the first range of composite tabletennis bats. The joining of Cornilleau know how in table tennis andthat of Michelin in rubber, made it possible to develop a revolutionarytable tennis bat with results that are today unequalled on the tabletennis market.
Because of the revolutionary new design and unique materials used inthe new Tacteo table tennis bat range they are suitable to be leftoutside all year round without any fear of deterioration. Should theyget dirty they can even be washed. Michelin also strived to develop asurface that was not only weatherproof, but has a playing performanceequal to the combination of sponge and rubber used in traditional tabletennis bats.

Thetecteo table tennis bat has been specifically developed to withstandextreme conditions. Protection against outdoor conditions and humiditywith a surface that will not come unstuck, shock resistance to avoidbreaking the blade, resistance to heat and UV rays for a long lastingcolour, easy cleaning to protect the bat from dirt and perspiration.

Basedon their immense technical expertise, Michelin engineers developed theADS (Air Driver System) concept, a very dynamic surface technology withcavities.The shape of the cavities and the high elasticity of theelastomer has been specifically designed by Michelin to trap air withinthe cavities as the table tennis ball makes contact with the tabletennis bat. Thus, the air captured into the cavities is compressed and then expelled to propel the table tennis ball and increase its speed.

Comfort & Grip
TheTacteo table tennis bat gives a unique sensation due to itsincomparable comfort. A particular focus on the ergonomics of thehandle provides for a perfect hold reinforced by the addition of atactile rubberised material, which enables a better grip.

Source: 25 August 2006

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