Chrono Temp° is a turnkey solution for the express delivery of fresh produce weighing less than 30kg including thermal insulating packaging, an autonomous source of cold and a supply logistics that respects the cold chain.

Coldpack has designed and patented the Airliner® cool box: an inflatable aluminised honeycomb structure that absorbs impacts, provides optimal insulation and saves warehouse space (non-inflated storage).

Air Liquide supply the coolant in two ways: Carboglace® can be delivered and stocked by the client or dry ice produced independently on-site for clients with the necessary facilities.

Chronopost, with over 70 sites in France, brings its expertise in the next-day delivery of parcels weighing less than 30kgs before 10am or 1pm throughout France (except some coastal islands), together with its parcel tracking applications.

Source: coldpack.comAdded: 28 August 2009