Contra rotating propulsion mechanism

The reasons for better hydrodynamic efficiency :· The forward propeller rotation energy is utilized in the aft propeller· Propeller loading distribution is easy to select· Single skeg is the smoothest hull formTechnical Features :· Load ratio for the main propeller and Azipod propeller can be flexibly adjusted. The main propeller has a 60...70% load and the Azipod propeller a 40...30% load.· The Azipod propeller diameter is smaller than that of the main propeller to prevent a possible main propeller tip vortex cavitation from hitting the Azipod propeller in autopilot steering angles· Propeller blade numbers are different to avoid blade resonance· The Azipod propeller speed is higher than that of the main propeller to ensure maximum propeller efficiency on both propellers· The Azipod turning angles are 100 degrees (another option is free 360° rotation)

Source: abb.comAdded: 25 August 2006