First modular football boot

The adidas +F50TUNIT new football boot concept allows players to customize,adapt and tune their boots to any weather, any pitch and their very ownpersonal style.

The revolutionary +F50 TUNIT is easilyconstructed from three interchangeable components: the upper, thechassis and the studs. Each component comes in a variety of styles andfunctions. Simply by mixing and matching their components of choice,each player can easily build and tune their boots.

Players suchas Djibril Cissé (France and Liverpool FC), Jermain Defoe (England andTottenham Hotspurs), Arjen Robben (The Netherlands and Chelsea FC) andKevin Kuranyi (Germany and FC Schalke 04) wear their personalconfigurations of the +F50 TUNIT at the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

Source: adidas.comAdded: 5 September 2006