The Siemens flexInduction hob EH675MN11E can behave as a traditional four-zone induction hob, but choose to link the zones together to form a single rectangular cook surface (380x200mm), and the real magic begins. The new extended cooking surface can accommodate pans of any size, and even several pans placed anywhere on the surface at the same time.
And of course flexInduction has all the advantages of induction cooking, including boost settings, pan recognition and a power output of up to 3.6kW.

The hob uses four innovative elongated oval inductors beneath the glass, each of which can act independently to sense the presence of cookware on the hob. Only if the cookware is detected will the individual inductors work, ensuring efficient operation whether a 10cm diameter milk pan is placed in one corner, or a large griddle plate covers the whole zone.

Source: siemens-home.co.ukAdded: 9 March 2011