White reflective roofing

As a result of the sun rays, the surface temperature can rise to 70 or 80°C, in the summer, on the top of a flat roof covered with a dark roof membrane. As a consequence, the temperature in the building rises and so does the need for cooling systems.

Thanks to a patented exclusive coating, DERBIBRITE NT reflects up to 76% of the sun's rays. Thus, it diminishes the temperature in the building to 5°C, the equivalent of 2 Euro per sqm per year in cooling systems.

Due to its exceptional reflectivity DERBIBRITE NT also increases the efficiency of photovoltaic installations from 2 to 4%.

Reflectivity after aging remains high (71%), thanks to the "easyclean" effect and exclusive DERBIGUM technology.

* long-lasting: DERBIBRITE NT is composed of a copolymer bitumen
* easy clean: the surface repels water and dirt thanks to nanotechnology
* Ph neutral: allows the use of rain water for cleaning purpose
* fire resistant
* fungus resistant
* 100% recyclable

Source: derbigum.comAdded: 25 February 2011