Magnetic sponge

A wet sponge left at the bottom of a sink is the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacterias. Leaving it on top of your sink will make it an eyesore.

With its patented counter magnet system, the stylish Magisso magnetic sponge can now rest on the side of your sink, where it will dry and stay out of sight.

At the heart of the product is a counter magnet system which attaches to the side of your sink, inside your kitchen cabinet. It is held in place with a strong strip of adhesive, so that it won't fall. In the Magisso sponge, there is a small slot where you insert the supplied coin magnet. When you place the Magisso sponge on the side of your sink, it will "find"the counter magnet.

Source: urban-butik.comAdded: 1 July 2011