SMELLIT will add the 5th dimension to your home theater experience

Here is the SMELLIT gadget from French company Olf-action that is poised to give a new 'smelly' dimension to your home theatre experience. This one will cling to your home theatre and fill your room with the aroma of what’s cooking on your TV screen. Food enthusiasts like me would probably play MasterChef and Hell’s Kitchen on their TV sets all day long for a lot of times we rare to smell the impeccable-looking food cooked in the ‘reel’ life.

We don’t know how it is going to work and what mechanism it is going to use to exhale aromas or even odors for that matter. Besides food, this might even offer pleasant aromas like that of flowers, ocean or even blood for all those SAW movie fans. The makers have a list of fragrance cartridges here and I couldn't see a lot of food options.

Source: newlaunches.comAdded: 7 October 2011