Code-Embedded Coffee Tables

Archaeologists are left with the challenging task of piecing history and its artifacts together once the past has turned to dust, but the Rev—> Table will be one of those objects that stands the test of time. Physically it is built to be durable, but if its material form fades away, its original image will remain in tact.

The elegant powder-coated steel legs, the square solid oak surface is embedded with a laser-etched aluminum plate. The large plaque reveals a number in the corner and an intricate QR code which is readable by smartphones and other devices that can decipher such a symbol. The avant-garde Rev—> Table by Supermechanical has its original CAD plans encoded into it so that if it needs restoring after 200 years, the directions will be available.

Source: trendhunter.comAdded: 10 October 2011