Grain Silo Hotel Suites

Silo Stay is a family venture: Stuart Wright-Stow dreamt up the concept and hired his son and daughter, Pippin and Ella of F3 Design, to execute it. The initial plan consists of eight single units, (each with a kitchen and living area on the bottom floor and a queen-size bed on the top), a family suite, and a manager’s quarters (consisting of two silos connected by a glass-enclosed hallway). Contrary to previous reports, the designers are not recycling disused silos but rather proprietary units customized to their specifications.

The hotel also has a fair share of eco-fixings: Each unit will be cooled by natural ventilation through the doors and roof latch and heated by a gravity-fed wood-pellet boiler. The peak has a glazed lid to give guests a glimpse of the night sky from bed.

Source: fastcodesign.comAdded: 21 October 2011