collapsible water bottle

Neon Collapsible Canteens

The Aquatina Water Bottle is a new, patented collapsible water bottle. In its open form, it is a functional 16.8 oz water bottle, but when not in use it collapses to 1/3 its size! The designers spent 3 years to get the Aquatina Water Bottle just right. Along with the bottle, Aquatina has released a beta version of its geo-locating mobile app through its charitable orginization. Punch in your zip code, and the app will locate a working water fountain nearby.

Fill up your bottle at the closest fountain using your mobile device to locate it, all while helping the environment by not using plastic water bottles that produce a tremendous amount of waste and other bad things.

Source: trendhunter.comAdded: 28 October 2011