Swim Guard Lifesaver Vest

The perfect accessory for the savvy, style-conscious, ineffective swimmer--that's what this Swim Guard Lifesaver Vest, designed by Steffan Reiter, evocates with its minimalistic approach to water safety. Argue as you must as to whether a flourescent orange bib is indeed more stylish than a typical PFD, but it is likely to turn some heads at the beach.

The Swim Guard Lifesaver Vest offers serious water protection and rescue features. If you find yourself fruitlessly slapping at the water like a chimp in a bathtub, simply pull the gas-pressurized inflation mechanism and you'll be floating comfortably. At the same time that your vest is inflating, a GPS signal is sent out to rescue centers so that more athletic folks can come drag your behind out of the water.

The decision between sporting a bulky traditional life vest or strapping a can of explosive gas around your neck seems like a wrenching dilemma. It could really go either way, depending on your priorities.

Source: inventorspot.comAdded: 14 November 2011

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