swimming collection that will increase speed when used together

Speedo Reveals High-Tech Fastskin 3 Competition Line

The Speedo Fastskin 3 collection propels the competitive swimming game to the next level. The collection is comprised of a racing suit, goggles, and a cap that are intended to be used together to form the ultimate competitive racing system.

The swimsuit features an advanced body compression system to eliminate drag in the water. This technology can single-handedly shave seconds off a swimmer’s racing time, and streamlines the body to the most aerodynamic form possible. A new feature called the ‘Body Stability Web’ gives the athlete greater stability and body support in the most critical places.

The new Fastskin 3 cap was developed to achieve the most precise fitting cap that molds specifically to each athlete’s head. This eliminates any potential excess drag, resulting in a total full body drag force reduction of 3.4%. The cap also includes an under-cap to manage hair.

The Fastskin 3 goggles feature a revolutionary new sleek design that molds to each athlete’s face like nothing ever before, resulting in remarkable protection against leaks and a 180 degree peripheral vision view.

Source: bangstyle.comAdded: 2 December 2011