Active Safety System to Debut on Next Volvo S60

Few automakers can match the safety and reliability Volvo has been able to work into nearly every one of their vehicles. Their innovative methods and cutting edge technology have gotten them more than a few life-long customers and more are sure to come. Their latest piece of safety hardware could very well be one of the key factors in driving these new customers in.

The new safety system, known as Active Safety, uses an advanced radar system and computer program to digitally identify pedestrians in or near the path of travel. Of course, the system is far from perfect. When faced with a mother holding a child or pushing them in a carriage, it will identify the mother as important and sometimes not recognize the infant. This is due to a built in algorithm that won't list anything smaller than 80 centimeters long as a potential pedestrian.

If a small child was to run into the street and the system did detect them, it would then begin applying the brakes at full force to avoid a collision. In heavily crowded areas, there is no telling how many young lives this could save.

The system will also likely be used as a means of identifying other hazards in to the road as well. If Volvo is so inclined to do so, a simple system to monitor the distance between the front bumper and other obstacles could be included.

Source: inventorspot.comAdded: 2 January 2012