Never carry around your bike seat again

The Locksit probably won’t appeal to the occasional biker, the one who just likes to take a quick ride around the neighborhood, but for the person who relies on their bike every single day to get to and from work, this gadget will be a nice addition to their lives. Just think, you’ll never have to carry around your bike seat again.

The Locksit is a replacement seat for your bike with a little something extra built in, a U-bar. With the push of a pin, the seat will actually bend backwards, toward the back wheel. Once pushed back, the U-bar from the seat can be secured around the back wheel. That way, you’ve secured both your back wheel and your seat, combo points! You’ve probably realized that the rest of your bike is left unguarded, and that’s no good, so you’ll still need to carry around a generic lock with you, but hey, you won’t have to carry your seat anymore! That’s definitely a plus.

Source: coolest-gadgets.comAdded: 9 January 2012