Pour-Smart Knife Attachment

It’s surprising just how inefficient the modern kitchen is, despite decades of major technological advancement, and within the culinary scope as well. Perhaps this is in part because it’s simpler items like the Pour-Smart that are needed most by the domestic chef of today.

One of the most awkward actions during the preparation of a meal can be the organization of your cutting board and the transfer of sliced ingredients from that heavy wooden surface to a pot, a pan or a plate. Unless you’re prepared to let everything roll off at once, collecting one pile at a time can be a challenge.

Junjie Piao has thus invented a very simple cooking implement. The Pour-Smart has a magnetic strip that fixes to the blunt edge of your knife and a piece of transparent plastic that protrudes perpendicularly. You can scrape all of your cuttings onto the blade, which has become an effective scooper.

Source: trendhunter.comAdded: 9 February 2012