Lenses help looking down

Selecting the right eyeglass lenses is an issue that goes beyond trendy looks. According to recent studies, the ability to see clearly when looking down has been linked to an increased risk of slips and falls. A new breakthrough technology is available in progressive lenses, also known as no-line bifocals, which combines the benefits of a single-vision look with an expanded field of view. The new technology from Johnson & Johnson Vision Care is designed to treat presbyopia, an age-related eye condition that affects people over 40 and makes it difficult to focus on objects close up. In addition to offering the near, far and intermediate viewing zones available in traditional progressive lenses,Definity Progressive Lenses have a unique FOURTH ZONE, located at the bottom of the lens with enhanced optics for ground level viewing.

Source: gizmag.comAdded: 2 June 2006

Tags: optics