The BOLT trailer hitch lock, and multi-purpose padlock

BOLT padlock system, one key fits all

Nobody likes having to carry around a keychain full of keys, or – worse yet – arriving somewhere only to discover that they haven’t brought the key they need. The BOLT system offers an alternative. It allows you to open multiple padlocks, all using your vehicle’s ignition key.

Each BOLT lock comes without a key of its own. Instead, the first time that it’s used, you simply insert your ignition key into its automotive-grade cylinder. This causes a series of spring-loaded tumblers to move up and down, conforming to the unique cut of that key. When the key is then turned for the first time, each tumbler is permanently matched to it. More details on the lock’s inner workings are available in the video below.

The cylinder is said to work with keys for most GM, Ford and Dodge vehicles. A Vehicle Match feature on the product website lets prospective buyers check if their own make, model and year of vehicle is compatible. Besides the multi-purpose padlock, there’s also a cable lock, along with locks designed for use on trailer hitches, spare tire mounts, tailgate handles, and toolbox handles.

Source: gizmag.comAdded: 24 May 2012

Tags: automotive