Hi resolution bionic ear

Cochlear implant Harmony HiResolutionBionic Ear System, a device designed for severely deaf patients,delivers 120 spectral bands, 5 - 10times more than competing systems, helping to significantly increase hearingpotential and quality of life for the severe-to-profoundly deaf.The Harmony Systemrepresents the next generation of cochlear implant technology. Cochlear hasbrought together unprecedented advancements in science, design andfunctionality for the user -- furthering cochlear's commitment to restoring hearingand improving quality of life for those living with hearing loss due topermanent inner ear or auditory nerve damage.Designed to enhance musicappreciation and improve hearing in a variety of difficult listeningenvironments, the Harmony System couples revolutionary internal soundprocessing (with the optional HiRes Fidelity 120) with the new Harmonybehind-the-ear (BTE) external sound processor. Together, the two key componentsof the Harmony System are designed to provide significantly enhanced spectralresolution compared to conventional systems for a more natural representationof sound to help improve patient performance...Cochlear implant users canaccess soft whispers and loud sounds without adjusting dials or controls withHarmony's CD-quality processing and sophisticated dual-loop automatic gaincontrol, helping users better appreciate music, hear in noisy environments, usethe telephone, and hear sounds that are loud and soft.

Source: medgadget.comAdded: 12 October 2006