"CrackPot", bowl designed to cracked eggs

Most chefs recommend cracking an egg on the counter to avoid bits of shell in your food. But the Crackpot heartily endorses the edge of the bowl cracking technique using its integrated blade. It also promises shell-free results since the egg isn't being smashed to bits in the process. So it's perfect for overzealous cooks.

It certainly passes the 'clever product name' test with flying colors, but a perfectly cracked egg is not its only claim to fame. The plastic melamine bowl features a rubber base and an over-sized handle on one edge making it easy to grip and keep secure when whipping up a mountain of yolks. And the indent where you'll find the cracking blade also makes it easy to pour the eggs out of the bowl with a minimal amount of drips.

Source: gizmodo.comAdded: 27 August 2012