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The Gyrobike offers a helping hand through three critical stages in the learning process

Auto Balance Bicycle

A Jyrobike is an Auto Balance Bicycle with a unique Control Hub built into the front wheel.  Jyrobike has a magical almost impossible quality, however the technology is actually based upon the basic and well-known scientific laws found in all gyroscopes or flywheels.

Built into every Jyrobike is a special Control Hub found in the front wheel. The Control Hub is a battery-powered, rechargeable, motor-driven invention that intelligently drives a spinning flywheel.

When turned on it acts like a gyroscope or gyro and provides a stabilizing force, working just as gyros do to keep helicopters stable in the air, boats stable at sea and spaceships stable in orbit.

The result is an Auto Balance Bicycle that keeps riders upright and balanced, even when they tip or wobble.

Source: jyrobike.comAdded: 5 June 2014

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