Chip forwards information to your doctor

San Diego-based TriageWireless has created, and hopes to bring to the market in the near future, a patch applied to the skin that continuously monitors a person's blood pressure, heart rate and other vital signs, and then forwards that information to their doctor's computer via wireless links. The idea behind the Advanced BPM system is to give doctors a far more accurate picture of a person's health.Blood pressure readings are notorious for providing an incomplete picture of a person's health. Patients are in an uncomfortable environment, forced to wear an inflated armband and are often in a flimsy hospital gown. These environmental stresses can throw off the results. With the Advanced BPM system, physicians conceivably will get amore complete view of a person's vital signs during different parts of the day, including while they sleep, and over an extended period of time.

Source: 2 June 2006