Dock your phone to your NexLaptop

A Smartphone that turns into a tablet, notebook and desktop

Most of us have a smartphone, tablet and a desktop—wouldn’t it be more convenient to combine all their functions into one single device? California-based company Kosmaz Technologies is currently working on a smartphone that is able to do just that. Called the ‘NexPhone’, it uses Ubuntu for the Android software that will allow it to function as a full desktop. Users could connect a monitor and a keyboard to the NexPhone and it would be able provide a complete desktop solution with a full range of applications including office, web browsing, email, media and messaging. 
The smartphone can also be docked to a tablet or laptop—replacing them with a single device. According to the founder of Kosmaz Technologies, Emre Kosmaz, he believes that ‘smartphones are the future of PCs’ and people should have the option of carrying a device for all their communication, entertainment and work needs without having to worry about ‘synchronization of content or contacts’. The company is currently raising money on crowd-funding platform, Indiegogo, and it hopes to create the first prototype sample phones and get ready for manufacturing. Is this the future of smartphones?

Source: designtaxi.comAdded: 14 September 2012