Fishing knuckles

Brooklyn-baseddesigner and recent Pratt graduate Chrissy Angliker throws a one-two punch atluxury sporting equipment with her Fishing Knuckles. Reminiscent of brassknuckles, they provide a simple means of catching fish, with an option for aroyal beating, should the fish be extra frisky or burly. Why would anyone wanta hoity-toity, tangle-bound, hi-tech pole when all you need weighs next tonothing and fits in your pocket? Fishing Knuckles act as a primal survivaltool; easily transportable and effective for catching your next meal as well asdefending yourself against furry and non-furry creatures of the wilderness. FishingKnuckles are made from laser-cut acrylic and are available in a variety ofsizes so we can all enjoy a little bad-ass fishing.

Source: chrissy.chAdded: 17 October 2006

Tags: sports safety