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Nissan developed a self-cleaning rear-facing camera

Nowadays cars are being fitted with cameras at the back which helps when reversing into a parking spot so you won’t ding your bumper. However it seems that in the 2013 Nissan Altima, the rear camera could do more than just that. For example the camera can act as a lane departure warning system as it will be able to read between the painted lane markers on the road. When the camera detects that the vehicle has gone out of the line and will audibly alert the driver. It will also be able to detect vehicle behind the Altima and could also notify drivers audibly when they detect that a vehicle might have gotten too close.

Best of all, it seems that while the rest of your car might need a wash every now and then, this camera will be able to take care of itself. A drop of windshield cleaning fluid will be dripped onto the camera’s lens every now and then, with an air compressor blowing a puff of air on it to dry it, keeping the camera clean and preventing it from reporting false positives. We’re not sure if it will come included with the vehicle or it will be part of a package, but it sounds like a pretty good driver’s aid system.

Source: ubergizmo.comAdded: 18 October 2012