The SymTyre-S300 is a machine that cuts up discarded tires, so they can be flat-packed for more efficient storage and transport

SymTyre machine makes old tires flat-packable

Tires are one of those things that our society goes through a lot of, yet their disposal can be problematic. Being round and containing a large air cavity, they’re not exactly the most efficient things to store or transport. Those that don’t get recycled can end up collecting water and acting as breeding grounds for mosquitoes, or becoming part of giant “tire mountains.” A new device, however, is designed to cut them apart so they can be flat-packed – thus reducing the space they take up, and maximizing the amount that can be transported at once.

Made by UK-based Symphony Recycling Technologies, the SymTyre-S300 semi-automatic tire cutter can reportedly disassemble a standard automotive tire in approximately one minute. According to the company, tires that are cut apart occupy up to 70 percent less space than whole tires.

Source: gizmag.comAdded: 17 January 2013