Extendable Mirror

I don’t know how your bathroom is set up but my mirror seems to be a million miles away from me and I have to contort and get up on my tippy-toes just to look closely at my face. I actually have to go and use another mirror to put on mascara… I find it to be very frustrating, and I’m sure, ladies, I’m not alone, right?

Miior is here to solve that problem. Founded by two brothers, Polish company Miior has created a patented collection of mirrors that extend off the wall and allow you to stand with correct posture. No bending over the sink anymore!

The patented AXIO-LINK mechanism designed by Katarzyna OkiÅ„czyc allows the mirrors to remain full size despite the moving feature and allow your furniture to work and function for you instead of you having to conform to it.

All three mirrors have been equipped with the AXIO-LINK mechanism and a touch-sensitive LED light switch to refine overall user experience. There are currently three models available:

Source: design-milk.comAdded: 26 February 2013

Tags: household