Expired biomimicry packaging

According to some fathers, medication never goes bad. Ever. (And they would be wrong.) The truth is, knowing when medicine is, and respectively is not, safe to ingest is essential.

Current packaging provides more confusion than clues. Labels are congested, hard to read and interpret. Trying to find vital safety information is difficult. Why not turn to bananas for a few simple hints?

Bananas are the perfect source of design wisdom. Those elongated, delicious yellow semi-circles clearly betray signs of readiness for consumption (ripeness) or imminent decay. Why couldn’t over-the-counter and prescription drug packaging do the same? Consumers could vividly and intuitively detect when medicine is no longer safe to take. Save money. Save medicine. Just mind the spots.

Source: designs-on.comAdded: 24 June 2013

Tags: packaging