100% Recyclable Umbrella

Developed in Italy over the last three years by Federico Venturi, Gianluca Savalli and Marco Righi, the "ginkgo" is an innovative compact umbrella, redesigned from scratch and made entirely out of one recyclable material - polypropylene.

Conceived to be stiff and flexible, the piece is able to absorb random impacts and wind force without breaking or bending. Using injection molding process, the number of "ginkgo" components are considerably reduced compared to the traditional umbrella.

The design is made up of just 20 pieces instead of 120 pieces - eliminating the traditional assembling procedure of screws or pivots, as all the couplings are obtained by long lasting and reliable snap-fit joints. when ginkgo finally reaches the end of its useful life you can just toss it in the recycle bin. No need to disassemble the components.

Source: designboom.comAdded: 14 November 2013