Video Stamp

Australia's mail service has injected technology into the simple postage stamp -- creating a "video stamp" to deliver a personal message that recipients can view on their mobile phone.

Australia Post said the Video Stamp, to be distributed for free on some parcel services in the pre-Christmas period, was the world's first to allow users to send a 15-second personalized video along with their packages.

To use it, senders scan the stamp, attach it to their parcel and record a personalized greeting using their smartphone and the free Australia Post Video Stamp app within 12 hours of posting.

When the parcel is delivered, the recipient scans the stamp with their phone and it will play the message.

The personalized messages are available for viewing for 90 days after recording, via smartphones and online, and can be shared through social media and email.

Source: news.discovery.comAdded: 21 November 2013