Moisturising, Anti-Cellulite Jeans

Straight from the ‘what will they think of next’ files comes the introduction of Wrangler’s moisturising, anti-cellulite jeans.

Dubbed the Denim Spa collection, the skinny-fit jeans have been designed to protect your legs from the dehydrating effects of denim by infusing the skin with moisturiser. The denim line is modeled by Mick Jagger’s daughter Lizzie, who says, “they definitely feel cooler than regular jeans. After a day wearing them, my legs feel great - they come out feeling more silky than usual."

Comprising three different finishes, the jeans are infused with algae extracts, retinol and caffeine, and each one is designed with a different benefit in mind.

If you have sensitive skin, the “Aloe Vera” finish will reportedly soothe and calm your legs; the “Olive Extract” will moisturise your pins to perfection and the “Smooth Legs” finish will reportedly help fight cellulite.

Source: 3 January 2014