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Windowless Jet

The revolutionary new S-512 supersonic jet from Spike Aerospace has no windows. Replacing those oval portals to the outside world is a high-definition display that live streams views from the outside to the inside of the cabin.

It might sound like a claustrophobic’s nightmare but running the length of the S-512 are tiny cameras capturing footage to be beamed to the interior walls that are covered with a thin display. Despite not having an actual window to look out of, panoramas are constructed in their place.

When you want a little shut-eye the screen can be dimmed or if you want a change of scene there are a library of images stored in the system you can choose from. Bored of flying over the desert? Change it to the breathtaking views of flying over the snow-peaked Alps.

Aside from looking pretty fancy there is an engineering reason for this innovation. By ditching windows from the aircraft is allows for a smoother fuselage, which will reduce drag and increase speed, meaning you’ll be able to get to your destination faster. It also reduces the weight by not needing structural support for windows and eliminates construction challenges they pose.

The aircraft design also incorporates advanced composite materials and a propulsion system that will whiz 18 passengers at speeds of 2,204km/h — fast enough to get from LA to Tokyo in eight hours instead of the standard 14-16 hours.

Source: news.com.auAdded: 24 February 2014

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